Back to the Salon – Stress-free Health & Safety

Back to the Salon – Stress-free Health & Safety!

So, you’re back in the salon, getting ready for welcoming in your much-loved clients and juggling messages, texts, phonecalls and much more as you fill up your appointment book. There’s so much else to organise, including briefing your team, getting your social media and marketing up-to-date, contacting suppliers, probably doing some painting and decorating, chasing up grants, paperwork and money. Then there’s all the Health and Safety to manage too.

In a recent webinar we held for Hair & Beauty salon owners, our resident Health and Safety expert Jennifer Graham, of GMSC Limited, joined us for an interactive and lively Zero Stress Health and Safety session. Her 4 Ps of ‘Open for Business’ – Premises, Products, People and PPE – quickly and easily covered all you need to deal with on a practical and paperwork level.

“Now I’m feeling super-motivated. I feel really good about going back to the salon. I feel really at peace with everything that I’m doing.”

Attendee, Zero Stress Health and Safety Session

1. Premises

Take a walk around your salon as if you are a client. Get a friend or family member to do the same. Check the process in terms of signage, sanitisers, masks, coat storage, gowns, screens, cleaning schedules, touch points, clean-down areas and so on. Prioritise your water systems: they must be checked for legionella, especially as the salon has been closed for a number of weeks and you could be dealing with vulnerable clients. Flush through all water systems, shower heads etc. (We have a checklist to help you do this.)  Also examine your fire systems, gas (if you have it), insurance cover and all other COVID adaptations. Use risk assessments to help you. (We have these for you too.)

2. Products

Are you introducing any new products into the salon? Remember to make sure you have all the safety data sheets, checks for allergies and patch testing, the correct PPE for handling, adequate storage and signage. This applies to any chemicals or cleaning agents you are using too. Double check all existing products you have in stock – are they still in date? Do you need to carry out updated patch testing? Are you storing these correctly too?

3. People

Check and update all your contact tracing paperwork for use with your clients. Make sure you are asking the right questions, such as:

  1. Are you displaying any COVID symptoms?
  2. Have you ever been diagnosed with COVID?

And remember this applies to your staff, any visitors or contractors accessing your salon premises and anyone who is in contact with you, your business or your salon.

As well as your contact tracing forms, it’s a good idea to keep a diary note of folk who have been in and out of the salon, such as contractors, so you have an easy way of time and date recording any potential source of COVID in your premises. It’s so important with all people to double check regularly that they are free of symptoms. If in any doubt, they should reschedule their appointment with you.

Remember, if you are feeling a wee bit anxious and nervous about coming back to work, then so are your staff! If you can, it’s a good idea to arrange a little socially-distanced, cup-of-coffee, meet-up time – just to catch up, see how everyone is doing, update them with all you are working on and on your plans for reopening. Involve them as much as you can. Doing this before the doors open and the busyness takes over is such an encouragement to everyone; it will really lift your spirits and help you come back to work with a sense of togetherness and energy.

4. PPE

Double check all the PPE you need, including face coverings, visors, gowns, gloves, sanitisers and handwash stations, towels and washing arrangements. We have a great supplier we can recommend to you for wipes for glasses that actually work!! It’s been a real challenge for those of us who need our glasses and work with masks and visors. Check these guys out:

MC Eyecare: Home Eye Care

Remember to be vigilant around the use of gloves. Obviously, they are there to protect, but sometimes they introduce a wee bit of complacency too. So, if you or your team are wearing gloves, remember that they should be washed as much and as frequently as you are advised to carry out handwashing.

Here’s a great checklist, which will keep you right:

HSC001A: Checklist for Close Contact with Mobile

It’s also a great idea to contact your local environmental health team as they are more than happy to work with you to ensure that you’ve got everything you need in place to keep everyone safe. Invite them round for a wee check over of the salon and it will give you that extra peace of mind.

Say goodbye to all your Health & Safety stresses with our limited edition Shine Business Health and Safety Salon Toolkit. Check it out below:

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