Your Client’s Journey Could Be Your Key To Success

How well do you really know your clients?
Can you name their intentions, say what motivates them and list their problems, pain points and concerns?
Most importantly do you know why they are choosing your business over a competitor?


Looking more deeply into your client’s needs, problems and interactions with you may seem completely overwhelming, and sometimes, even unnecessary. You want to put your efforts into running your salon, regardless of who comes through the door. However, understanding every client’s experience at each stage of their journey is crucial, as the knowledge you gain can turn into a highly successful strategy that will improve your business.

The six key stages of your client's journey:

Awareness:  Your potential client has a problem that they need solving. They become aware that your business exists, maybe through a search, an advert or possibly a recommendation from another customer.

Consideration: They think about using your service. They might look at your website, your social media or your salon. They also compare you to your competitors and shop around, thinking about prices or offers.

Acquisition: Congratulations, they are now your client and commit to purchasing your product or service. They might book online, call or e-mail to make an appointment or visit your salon.

Experience: At this point it’s useful to examine the experience they had during their time with you. How did it go? Did they get the outcome they wanted? Did you solve their problem and how easy was it?

Retention: We want your client to come back to your salon and buy your product or service again. How will you get them to use you again?

Advocacy: Lastly, they leave that 5 star review, and recommend you to all their friends who then start the customer journey all over again.

Put on the shoes.

Putting yourself into your client’s shoes at each step means you can look closely at the experience they had and can identify exactly where improvements could be made. For example, if your client calls to book an appointment and no one answers the phone, how likely are they to try again? If they can’t find the product or service they want on the website, will they go elsewhere? shine-business-yellow-shoes

It’s helpful to imagine how your client would feel if they didn’t get the product or service that they wanted too. Are you able to offer to sort their problem and address any criticisms or concerns? Once you have examined and refined each step, you’ll understand your client’s needs, and can create a smoother experience to build longer-lasting relationships. When you look at the journey, you can travel the path to success together. 

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