A New Way of Learning


We believe that when running your own business, you should never stop learning.

You may have noticed we’ve had a little name change here @Shine.Salon.Success in the recent weeks. We’ve been learning lots from you and felt that this new name really shows you all what we do much better – helping your Salon get the success it deserves.

But seriously, when running your own busy salon who has the time to fit in learning?! There are only so many hours in the day, right?

Short-form or Micro-Learning is the answer.

What is Short-Form Learning and why is it so useful?

Short-form learning delivers short bursts of content for learners to study at their convenience. It can be in any form, video, audio, online, games, images or text, but always in very short bursts, ideally only taking around 3-7 minutes to digest.

Build it into your life regularly and you won’t even know you’re learning. You could watch during your 10-minute coffee break, listen while walking your dog, or read a snippet while eating breakfast.

Short-form learning fits into your busy day as you juggle your salon, your family, your life and more. And the best bit of all? Daily micro-learning improves your focus and supports long-term retention, meaning you are more likely to remember what you’ve learnt.

Tap into Your Community

The Covid pandemic has really helped to support learning in this way. Hundreds of communities have evolved, all based around helping each other to share information, and have led the way for industry sectors, like hair and beauty to get together and support each other.

So tap into that support, join the community and keep learning together.

If you need more information to help your salon succeed, book a power hour with us right here.