5 ways to take a break from the Salon this Christmas

5 ways to take a break from the Salon this Christmas

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In just under two weeks’ time, we’ll be sitting by the tree, ripping the wrapping off our presents while sipping a cold glass of bubbly, and listening to cheesy Christmas songs.

But for many salon owners, the run-up to Christmas can be the busiest time of year, and we can often find ourselves running around trying to do too much before the festive season kicks off and not enjoying Christmas because of the stress we place ourselves under.

So, what can you do to look after yourself and stop burnout before it becomes a problem? And how do you really have a ‘holiday’ when you are self-employed??


If you haven’t already, take a look at some of the scheduling apps available and get some social media posts pre-scheduled to go out when you will be spending time with family. You can schedule both Facebook and Instagram directly in the Facebook business suite. You don’t need to do lots, but even a few will enable you to step away from your social media for a few days.


There’s so much technology available to help business owners to take a break. Auto responders are systems that can answer client emails and queries while you can’t or can send emails out to clients with alerts or news about your salon. A simple online booking system could mean that clients can book appointments in January or February while you close the salon for Christmas meaning your business can carry on growing while you are away.

An Extra Day

If you really are worried about falling behind at Christmas, then schedule an extra couple of days in January to catch up. You could spend one evening catching up on bookings or accounts, or a weekend fitting in some extra haircuts so you don’t lose that important income or client. Flexibility is the key and setting boundaries that you stick to will stop you overdoing it in the New Year.

Digital Detox

For your own well-being, pencil in a digital detox. Step fully away from your phone, computer, booking system and emails for a set period of time and don’t be tempted to cheat.  Did you know that business owners who take a full break are 50% more productive when they can back to the salon afterwards!

Be Honest

And finally, don’t be afraid to tell your clients you are simply taking some time off. Be honest with them and tell them when you’ll be back refreshed and ready to deliver your usual superb service in the New Year. They will love your honesty and won’t contact you until your return date, giving you a well-needed breather.

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