January Habits you need to succeed

January Habits You Need to Succeed in 2022

It's January!

Old Habits New HabitsA new year, time for a new start and a great time to implement some new habits for you and your business or Salon. Did you know, for a change to become a habit – something you do without it being any extra effort – it can take as little as 21 days of repeating it to make it stick. So, we’ve listed our top habits for salon success in 2022.

Set Daily Goals

They don’t have to be big goals or massive changes. Think in small bitesize chunks. Find just 10 minutes a day and set yourself a goal for that time. You could read one page of a business book or listen to 10 minutes of a podcast. Our 2022 Shine Salon Success diary and planner can help with all the space you need to jot these down and tick them off. Keep on top of small achievable daily goals and you’ll be amazed how quickly they will become a habit and how much you can change.


Get technology on your side in 2022. Anything that simplifies or automates things in your business will save you valuable time.
It might be getting that new booking system in place where customers can book their own appointments, or starting a client email list, or an automated reminder service for appointments to stop those annoying last-minute cancellations.
Setting up now will save you time (and therefore money) in the long run.

Use Time Wisely

shine-diary-2022-diary-hands-480pxJanuary can be a quiet time for many Salons and Health and Beauty professionals but there are loads of ways to put that time to good use.
Where you have a gap between appointments, clean a cupboard, or tidy a drawer – get your salon sparkling clean, and your life more organised.
You could use quiet periods for training or learning new techniques, watching online lessons, or brushing up on health and safety changes.
Look at your social media plan. Use quiet times to take photos and videos so you have plenty in stock to use on future posts.
Or book a quick 1-to-1 with us and talk through something you are finding tough.

January Sales

Look at how you can fill your diary. Could you have a sale this January or an offer for new customers in place? How about contacting regular clients if you do have a last-minute cancellation to fill and seeing if they can fill it for you?

Habits are all about Mindset

shine-blog-january-2So, step back and look at where you Salon business is going. Where would you like it to be by the end of 2022 and what small changes can you put in today to get you on the path to your goal. What have you been putting off – building that website? Getting that automated appointment scheduler? Asking for help on a tricky issue?  Focus your attention on the things you can change and remember it’s the small steps that set us on the path to the bigger goals. And don’t forget, you can join us for a Facebook Live Q & A Session on Monday Jan 24th at 3pm where we take any question big or small, if you would prefer to send the question in to us by DM, please do feel free to do that! And, if you are interested in a 1-to-1 practical session on setting your intentions and goals for 2022 then we are ready to work with you!


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