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Shine Membership is our one-stop, custom-designed membership for Hair & Beauty professionals to market your business better, attract ideal clients, increase profits, find true work-life balance and make your salon shine! Available until 28th April (10pm) for the special Easter price of £39 per month (for life).

Doors open again in September! Join the Waitlist now.

Shine Membership is our one-stop, custom-designed membership for Hair & Beauty professionals to market your business better, attract ideal clients, increase profits, find true work-life balance and make your salon shine! 

But there are still plenty of ways you can work with us! As well as our membership, we work with Hair & Beauty professionals with Power Hours, Toolkits, Webinars, Bootcamps & Challenges.

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Why we care about making your salon a success.

At Shine Salon Success we aim to empower you to transform your Hair & Beauty business. Shine Connect is our free learning community. Shine Membership is a custom built membership that offers access to one-to-one support, live masterclasses, industry advice, toolkits and more.


Make a big difference with simple tools

Need a safe place to ask those niggling questions? Want quick tips to improve you social media marketing and your business strategy? Shine Connect is our free online community. This is a safe place for your voice. Make positive connections with fellow Hair & Beauty professionals and learn from industry experts. Plus, we teach you simple business and marketing tools that make a big difference.

Transform and thrive with Shine Membership!

Are you ready to make big changes that will boost profits, increase followers and make your salon more effective? Would you benefit from regular one-to-one support with friendly experts? Our Shine Membership is created and built specifically for Hair & Beauty professionals. Join us to gain access to an extensive business and marketing resource hub including:

Now £39 per month


You know your tools...

We teach tools to make your salon shine!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are experienced business owners, each with our own areas of expertise, who provide a bespoke support offering to Hair and Beauty professionals. Our Shine Membership ensures that you can access support at a time and place that suits you and not traditional office opening hours. We are continually investing in our skills so that you can access the most up-to-date knowledge and support that’s available, in a time-effective way for you.

Yes! There’s lots of free training out there and we value that too. You can never learn too much. We have designed our offering in a way that you build up a relationship with us and also with each other. You can quickly and easily access tools, ‘How To’ guides, templates and training that will help and support your business. You can ask questions in our trusted community where we all help each other. You can access one-to-one specialist support, at a time and pace that suits you. With us, you can grow your salon with confidence!

We record all our training and make the replays available to you as part of your Shine  Membership. All are available to watch as many times as you like.

Anyone who runs their own salon will know how precious time is and how little spare time we tend to have! We have designed Shine Membership to be easy to navigate, with short manageable training videos, ‘How To’ guides and regular live sessions. We know how challenging it can be, but we encourage you to log in once a week and do a little and often. We will help you with regular Challenges and Courses that we run. We want your business to work for you and for you to succeed. We won’t steal huge chunks of your time, and you will see rewards for all the time you do invest!

Yes! Our programme will help you identify what your salon goals are, personal to your own lifestyle and family needs. We help you look at your capacity, your profitability goals, attracting your ideal clients, marketing consistently to your personal brand and managing your time well. We love our professions, our clients and the flexibility and reward that running your own business brings. That is why we are self-employed! It is very hard work, and so our goal is to work alongside you to identify the changes and the skills that will help your business work well for you!

Yes! All our training, ‘How To’ guides, templates, videos and Shine Live group sessions are designed to take the fear out of learning about business. These are practical and not theoretical skills and so you are very much ‘learning on the job’. Whether you are brand new to it or have done some theory in college or university, now is the time to develop these skills with support from us and our community.

Yes! It’s always good practice in business to review how you are operating: from marketing, pricing, social media, reaching clients, staying safe and all the supporting paperwork. Accessing our Shine Membership helps ensure that you are staying up-to-date with the important practices that support your business, learning quickly about things you’ve always wanted to know for your salon and to keeping current with legal, safety, financial and social media developments. These things can take up precious time when you are trying to source the latest developments yourself. In our Shine Membership they are delivered to you with the minimum of disruption, where you access the information at times that suit you, with the support of experts who know your industry and with minimum interruption to your client work.

Purchase of Shine Membership gives you full access to our full range of courses, videos, guides, templates and live chats. We are updating the site every week and you have access to all our special Shine perks too.

Our Shine Connect community offers you lots of helpful mini sessions, guides and pay-as-you-go options to purchase individual training videos. This is a helpful starting point as you may only need to look at a particular topic for that time. Joining Shine Membership means you gain full access to our complete suite of training videos, programmed courses, ‘How To’ guides, worksheet templates and the all-important community who will answer your questions, share your ups and downs, and provide help, support and encouragement too.

We always recommend asking for some help if you are dealing with particular challenges or roadblocks, or would just like to share your ideas or access support in confidence. You can book our Power Hours or Spotlight Sessions at any time, either with ourselves or one of our resident experts. We work with the best in the business and are here to help you at a time that suits you! Our free 15-minute consultation is available for you to book at any time.

Many of us don’t enjoy putting our hands up in Live Calls, or Group Sessions, so we will always have online chat available. You can also message us directly, or via our vibrant Shine Connect community on Facebook. There is always someone here to help, in a way that you are comfortable with, and who will answer your queries in a safe and confidential way.
Yes, of course. You can cancel at any time with 30 days’ notice. We hope you don’t, but if your circumstances change then you can do that from your account page.
Shine Business Testimonial - Star

Heather Smith

The White Rooms

"We got in touch with Diane so she could help us set up our Facebook page. She has helped us so much, making sure that we are able to move forward on the right track in promoting our business. Using social media has been a great benefit to us, making it easier to communicate with the public and promoting all our different products and services."

Shine Business Testimonial - Elspeth Robertson

Elspeth Robertson

Lews Castle College UHI Hair & Beauty

“I have been attending training sessions with Claire and Diane for the last few years and highly recommend their delivery in relation to all things business. Both ladies are approachable and easy to speak to as well as giving valuable help and advice.”

Shine Business Testimonial - Iline Murray

Iline Murray

Body & Sole

“Diane and Claire have been a great help and support to me and my business growth. They provided me with the tools and knowledge to better my marketing skills and social media content for the business. They are always there to answer a query and I value their opinion and expertise.”